U-FREEZE Now available in Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits stores!

ufreeze on store shelf.jpg

In our efforts to make U-FREEZE WINE SLUSH more accessible for our customers, Glacial Grape (product code 7248) and Sub-Zero Sangria (product code 7249) are now available in over 150 PA Wine & Spirits stores across Pennsylvania!

To find a store near you:

  1. Go to PLCB product search website.
  2. Enter product code 7248 for Glacial Grape or 7249 for Sub-Zero Sangria
  3. Click Search button
  4. Select product code in search results
  5. Choose your county in drop-down menu
  6. Click Submit button

Or email us at sales@ufreezewineslush.com with the county where you live and we will point you in the right direction.